Welcome to the Triverse

What’s it about?

The story is about intolerance, immigration, multiculturalism and power. It’s about what happens when incompatible viewpoints are weaponised to seed discontent, and the efforts of some to create a fairer world. In the tradition of the best science fiction, fantasy and crime fiction, I’m using the setting to examine themes that matter to me in the real world.

Who is it for?

If you like science fiction or fantasy, or a mix of both, this is for you. It’s my first foray into crime fiction, but I hope if you’re a fan that you’ll enjoy yourself — especially if you’re looking for something a bit different.

How does the newsletter work?

I’m publishing this using Substack. If you subscribe you’ll get the latest chapter into your inbox every Friday.

Who is Simon K Jones?

I’m a writer who has self-published my work online since around 2014. I’ve written these three books:



Serialised fiction author. Find my latest writing at https://simonkjones.substack.com

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